Dust off those turntables, video game music lovers! We’re back with our third-ever episode, and we have a little something for everyone! (Well, per our usual format we have two somethings, but they’re pretty different so we hope you like at least one of them.)

The Grooves Gang are joined by the one and only Thomas Quillfeldt: gentleman, scholar, freelance journalist, and community manager for Laced Records!  Thomas brings his substantial knowledge and experience to bear as the guys run through the new game music vinyl releases, cover the news and announcements, and explore our featured albums!

Featured in this episode are Symphonic Suite: Dragon Quest III and the swelling and beautiful music of Koichi Sugiyama, along with the “dark synthwave” sounds of Furi and its rogues gallery of artists like Carpenter Brut, Danger, Waveshaper, and more!

Finally, we get to know a bit more about Thomas, Laced Records, and the very classy and informative Laced With Wax blog. Check the links below, enjoy and share with your vinyl-curious friends!

Twitter – @vg_grooves, @Laced_Records
Laced With Wax blog – www.lacedwithwax.co
Laced with Wax blog (U.S. only) – www.lacedwithwax.com

As promised, here’s the link to Chris Huelsbeck’s Turrican soundtrack anthology re-release! Let us know if you pick it up!

Outro: “8:02” – Furi OST, by Danger

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below!

Episode 3 Photo Gallery