Welcome to the latest episode of Video Game Grooves! This episode finds us poorer one Paul Watson (for reasons we shall explain) and richer one Matt Hawkins! Matt brings his particular experience and fandom to bear as we traverse the news and new releases pertinent to video game music on vinyl, as well as exploring our featured records, and our third-segment discussion topic!

This episodes features start with Gunstar Heroes, a tour-de-force initial outing by Treasure Co., with music by NON. Matt and Anthony discuss the finer points of “digital farts” (aka Genesis/Megadrive slap bass) and Jeremy observes something cleverly-done about the design of the vinyl. Next, we travel to the Shoshone National Forest for a look at Firewatch, by Campo Santo. A discussion of the game’s juxtaposition of beauty and suspense is highlighted by a pair of moody selections from the Chris Remo score.

Finally, for our third segment, the guys discuss “optimum listening conditions” for their vinyl records and video game music in general. Sometimes we like the music plugged right into our heads, but sometimes we like to marinate in our tunes. And you can tune in and hear all about it! Thanks for listening!

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Original Gunstar Heroes art discussed by Matt

Outro: “Stage 5” – Gunstar Heroes, by Norio “NON” Hanzawa

New Friends of the Show!
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Attract Mode (on Medium)
Death by Audio Arcade

Altered Beast (Data Discs)
Sunset Riders 10″ (iam8bit)
Fallout 3 “Radaway” variant (ThinkGeek)
Shenmue (Data Discs)
VIPER PHASE 1.LP (bootlegstore.jp)
Pinout (Cobraside, availability TBD)
Piano Collections: Pokémon Red & Blue (Kickstarter)

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below!