It’s our 9th episode ever, and you’re invited! In this episode, Jeremy and Paul are joined by Amos Roddy, aka Toytree, to do our thing! Specifically our thing is to run through the news of the world of video game music on vinyl, to have a fun listening party with two featured albums, and to chit-chat about the pertinent topics of the day!

This time around, our features are both super cool! First, Jeremy and Paul tag-team one of our favorite vinyl game soundtrack releases: Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game by Anamanaguchi. The game and the soundtrack both pay homage to games of an era, and we bask in that enhanced chippy sound with a pair of our favorite tracks. Next, since ToyTree himself is with us, we absolutely must listen to STRAFE, which is another homage to games of an era! It’s a thrashy, dark era, and Amos (remember he’s ToyTree) takes us through the creative process of targeting a specific mood and feel for the game’s score.

In our third segment we continue to grill Amos about his work in video game soundtracks and elsewhere, discussing audio design vs composing, his superhuman ability to emulate dark electronica on his first try (amazing!), and the lewd messages you get when you make a great video game soundtrack.

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Outro: “Another Winter” – Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The game, by Anamanaguchi

The legit-metallic vinyl soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby (oooh, ahhh)

Sonic Mania (Mondo)
Va1-Ha11a (Black Screen Records, currently unavailable, second pressing soon!)
Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set (announcement only)
Legend of Zelda (BitBrigade, Hello Sir Records)
iam8bit sale (vinyl + apparel, iam8bit)
ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove (The Funkotron Shop)
Smash Hit / Pinout (iam8bit)
Pinout original release (TheYetee)
Ninja Gaiden repress (BraveWave)
Another World (Banquet Records)

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below!