Our second episode of August is here, as prophecy hath foretold!  On this outing, our protagonists Anthony and Paul (and demi-antihero Jeremy) change up the formula a bit! We lead off with our “listening party” segment, and Shatter by Jeramiah “Module” Holmes gets us into a groove with the much-beloved soundtrack to the 2009 brick-breaker. We hope you like music, because we have a LOT of Shatter to share.  Our second feature is an ambivalent pick from Anthony: Square Enix’ Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album, by Yasunori Mitsuda and Millennial Fair, which wobbles back and forth over that line of “good adaptations.” The crew loves a good musical, but we discuss some interesting choices that leave us a bit… conflicted.

In our switch-up second segment, Paul gives the grand tour of the last two weeks’ news. It’s not a financially-overwhelming segment (this time!) but we have a few special highlights that you won’t want to miss. How will we ever fit our mandatory Vita mention into this episode? You’ll see!

Finally, in the third segment, the crew decides it’s high time to discuss the art and science of caring for that lovingly-collected vinyl library you’ve been nurturing. How do we store our records? What’s the best way to clean them? Does it make a difference if you change the needle on your record player? How can you make a quick buck cleaning everyone else’s records? We cover it all! Join in and share us with your friends!

Let us know if you prefer the new format, the old, or if it’s no matter! Thanks for listening!

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Outro: “Chrono Trigger” – Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time, by Yasunori Mitsuda, arranged by Hiroshi Hata, Hidenori Ohtsuki, and Gizaemon de Furuta, performed by Guido
[not dead to us enough that it can’t be our outro! -J]

Earthworm Jim (Black Screen Records)
Curses N Chaos (The Yetee)
Wizorb (The Yetee)
Night Trap 7″ (Limited Run Games, sold out)
Ni No Kuni 2 King’s Edition (game.co.uk)
Enter the Gungeon (Laced Records)
Enter the Gungeon (Devolver Digital store)
VA-11 HALL-A (Black Screen Records)

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below!