The Video Game Grooves show is back again, to surprise and delight your ears, your turntable, and perhaps by extension, your thumbs! We’re here to discuss some of our favorite games, their music, and the vinyl records they have inspired. Anthony and Jeremy are on tap today to hit those high notes for your listening pleasure and consideration.

Today’s special guests are Marshall Art (Jeff Roberts, Mikhail Ivanov) and Cory Johnson, who have recently collaborated on a new 4-track EP called Timeline. We interview the guys about their origins, gaming and musical backgrounds, and ruminate on such games as Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda, and Undertale which are represented on their record at The Yetee.

Our second feature of the show is The Metroid Trilogy, an unofficial release by Moonshake. We discuss the release itself and its tricky nature, as well as featuring a couple of great and iconic Metroid tracks by Kenji Yamamoto. We talk with our guests about their feelings on the music of Metroid, and even share a fun story or two about the origin of one of Yamamoto’s tracks.

Our final segment covers recent news and releases in video game music on vinyl, along with a price tip or two. Enjoy, and share us with your friends!

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@MarshallArtBand, @_jmr, @streifig, @coryjohnson256
(and little Sasha, not on Twitter 😘)

Our New Friends’ Links
JMR Music
Jeff’s obscene Discogs collection
Love & Robots (Soundcloud)
Corysbeard (Soundcloud)

Outro: “Ending Theme” C8 – Metroid II: Return of Samus, uncredited guitar. Composed by Ryoji Yoshitomi

Kenji Yamamoto Interview
(“Better Today Than Yesterday”)
Heroes Piano Sonatas (gamemusic records)
Monument Valley 2 (iam8bit)
Siberia 3 & 2 (Black Screen Records)
Timeline (The Yetee)
Cuphead (iam8bit) (Amazon price has returned to full… or higher 😭)

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below!