Lucky Episode 13 of Video Game Grooves is here! In this episode, our hosting trio is finally reunited for a rollicking discussion of video game music on vinyl record, and we’ve got a couple of special picks for you this week!

We begin with Undertale, the phenom 2015 game that fills us with determination! We discuss our personal relationships with the game as well as the music and the impact it has had on the remix community. Paul’s featured tracks highlight the variety in the Toby Fox’s score, and illustrate what makes it such a fan favorite. Next we take a side-step in 2015 to The Order: 1886, which Jeremy describes in detail, stating a case for the unique qualities of the game as well as the Jason Graves soundtrack. We discuss the idea of subtractive musical composition, as well as the idea of heaviness and burden in the story of the neo-Victorian Knights of the Round Table, and why Jeremy thinks it’s one of the most “masculine” soundtracks in video games.

Of course we keep you up to date with the news, upcoming releases, and other happenings in the world of video game music on vinyl! And, for our third segment, we talk about ways to display your collection, or pick a feature or two to share with guests and the world! Feel free to tweet us at @vg_grooves on Twitter so we can share your display pieces with the community!

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Outro: “Dogsong” – Undertale, by Toby Fox

Future Unfolding (Minimum Records)
Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set (Bandai Namco) (link valid only for UK visitors)
Nier Automata / Nier Gestalt & Replicant (Square Enix) (toggle releases on the right)
Metal Slug (Data-Discs)
Metal Slug (Mondo)
Skyrim Ultimate Edition vinyl box set (Thinkgeek)
Thomas Was Alone (Black Screen Records)
Republique (Brave Wave via Fangamer)
Art of Fighting (Brave Wave via Fangamer)
Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (Brave Wave via Fangamer)
The Talos Principle (Laced Records)
Hero of Time, restock (iam8bit)
Ninja Gaiden – The Definitive Soundtrack, restock (Mondo)
Stardew Valley (Fangamer)

Photos of the featured albums’ art and vinyl discs are found below