Welcome one and all to 2018 with Video Game Grooves! In our inaugural episode for the year, we invite Aaron Hamel from ShiptoShore Media to kick things off! Ganbatte everyone and all that!

We begin our game-music-on-vinyl-records journey with the news since our last show! A few new records are available, and even a couple of curious releases! How hard will our collective wallet be hit in the new year?

Our features section kicks off with Bastion by Supergiant Games! This acclaimed 2011 soundtrack saw its vinyl release last year, and Jeremy explores the themes of restoration and “swampy guitar”, and invents a super-hyphenated genre classification to finally place the Darren Korb score where it belongs on the shelf in our hearts. For our second pick, Aaron helps us explore the oft-overlooked music of Rocket Knight Adventures, for the Genesis/Megadrive. This release from ShiptoShore PhonoCo surprises us as some of the best music we didn’t know the system could produce, alongside VGG’s previously-featured greats like Gunstar Heroes! Anybody know where we can find a decent Sparkster plushie??

For our third segment we nail down our new year’s resolutions as they pertain to game music, vinyl records, and game music on vinyl records. The whole crew express the ways they want to improve their relationships with their turntables and where applicable, their work at their respective music labels. We’d love to hear yours too! Tweet us or post in the comments on our episode blog!

Outro: “Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)” – Bastion, by Darren Korb (ft. Ashley Barrett, Darren Korb)

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Tomb Raider Suite (TombRaiderSuite.com)
8-bit Time Paradox (closed) (IndieGoGo)
My Singing Monsters (Amazon.com)
Prisma & The Masquerade Menace (Backerkit)
Arrowheads (TheYetee)
Rocket Knight Adventures (ShiptoShore PhonoCo)
Kid Dracula (ShiptoShore PhonoCo)
Mother 2 (Meteor Splatter variant) (ShiptoShore PhonoCo)

Vinyl record sale (ThinkGeek)