Love is in the air, and the sounds of Video Game Grooves are the sweet music to enhance the mood. Well, we do a lot of talking so it might kill your chances at romance, but you never know! In this floral and trippy episode, we are flipping the script! We begin with our features section, and oh boy are you in for a treat!

We begin with Jeremy’s pick of Flower, by Vincent Diamante. The 2009 indie darling by Thatgamecompany and Sony is a good example of dynamic music arranged for a “linear” release on vinyl, and we spend a lot of time ruminating on the game’s narrative, the experience, and of course the music.  Next up, Anthony gushes about the very esoteric release of an obscure PS1-era dream simulation and a surreal adventure game (LSD: Dream Emulator and Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls Of Tong-Nou, briefly discussed on our previous show) compiled together on All Things Must Be Equal by Osamu Sato. We explore the nature of early experimental game design on PS1, the specifics of Sato’s, er, “chemical enthusiast” work, and delve deep into the 500-track (!) 90s-drenched score.

Moving on to the news, DJ Lord British holds court as we keep you apprised of this low-spend releases and announcements for the prior weeks, as well as at least one cancellation of a preorder product, and the newest shipments arriving soon on your turntable. Finally, we discuss the vagaries and realities of producing products in a market of scarcity, and compare and contrast the good and the bad of being a fan in a “speculative” hobby.

Outro: “Global Noise” – LSD Dream Emulator, by Osamu Sato

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Skyrim Atmosphers (Winterhold Variant) (Spacelab 9, sold out)
Resident Evil: Vendetta (Spacelab 9)
Hotline Miami (Devolver store)
Nier Gestalt and Replicant box set (