Production note: Anthony is drinking in our 21st episode, make some kind of joke…

Oh hello! We didn’t see you there. Welcome back to our podcast exclusively for aficionados of video game music on vinyl record! And for aficionados of video game music. And for aficionados of video games! And vinyl records. You know what? EVERYONE can listen! Welcome!

In this episode, we return to our (second?) most-covered franchise on the show, with Sins of Hyrule, by Daniel “Rozen” Jimenez. The conversation quickly gets deep as Rozen inducts us into the secrets of lore, timeline, creation, and philosophy that are baked into this amazing release (due to ship in mere days, or available digitally on Bandcamp)! After delving deep into Zelda, we take a dose of blues & rock in Mega Man 3 by Moonshake. Hosts and guest alike share appreciation for this soundtrack and fawn a bit over the in-jokes and arrangement of the release.

In our second segment we hit up our man Paul for some wistful news and releases, and learn a little about Kid Koala and additional and then put Rozen under the bright hot light to learn a little more about his musical background and stylings, AND what’s on his vinyl shelf!

Outro: “Gerudo Legend (feat. Julie Elven)” – Sins of Hyrule, by Rozen

Xenocrisis (Backerkit)
Mystery Bundle 003 (Black Screen Records)
Human Fall Flat (Super Rare Games)
Thimbleweed Park (Fangamer)
Floor Kids (A&C Shop)
Silent Hill (black variant repress) (Mondo)
Mother 2 (The Ghost of Starman variant) (ShiptoShore)