The stars have finally aligned, and the magic portal above your turntable has opened once again, to bring you to a magical land of physical music formats, video game trivia, and a bit of good old-fashioned current events. (Gosh that sounds less entertaining than it actually is…) Welcome to the latest episode of Video Game Grooves!

In this episode, Paul kicks us off with an overview of the Squre Enix-published Life is Strange: Before the Storm vinyl box set. We discuss themes of the game, that confused teenage feeling in the series’ music, and a bit of a tangent about the geometry of a high-quality vinyl release. Next, Jeremy takes us for a space cruise with FTL: Faster than Light from iam8bit and Ben Prunty, and he breaks down everyone’s favorite soundtrack to have your soul crushed to in 2012.

Afterward we take a detour through the news and releases, and for our third and final segment we run through the video game vinyl community’s (and our own) relationship with the mindset of acquisition, a few words about lashing out, and generally dismantle our emotions on-air.

Outro: “Lickitung” – Punkémon

Namco Museum Greatest Hits (ThinkGeek)
Namco Museum Greatest Hits, Pac-Man variant [sold out] (Spacelab 9)
Namco Museum Greatest hits, Galaga variant [sold out?] (Spacelab 9)
Life is Strange: Before the Storm vinyl edition [waiting list] (Square Enix Store)
Synthetic Core 88 (The Yetee)
Punkémon Lickitung 7″ [sold out] (SoundsRad)
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine (Laced Records)
After Burner II opaque purple variant (Data-Discs)
INSIDE Collector’s Edition [probably not a record] (iam8bit)