As you may know, we at Video Game Grooves are fans of fancy drinks, and also fans of circle things that spin around and accumulate stuff on them. That’s why this episode is PERFECT for us (and we also need to invest in a nice anti-static vinyl brush) because Anthony, Jeremy, and Paul are here to discuss some really great music, along with special returning guest-co-host Matthew Hawkins of Attract Mode and DBA Arcade!

If you think nobody’s happy in the dystopian future, you’ve never been to happy hour in VA11 HALL-A, by Garoad (Black Screen Records)! Anthony’s pick takes us through the chilliest tracks from the jukebox of the “cyberpunk bartender action” game, and Matt and the crew draw some parallels to Sega CD and other game music of the 1990s.

Next is one of the all-time great video game soundtracks, Katamari Damacy by Yuu Miyake and a pretty crazy ensemble of musicians! Unfortunately Jeremy & co can’t feature EVERY track from the cult/popular PS2 favorite, but the team picks a couple of special tracks that highlight the oh-so-Japanese flavor. We discuss the music of the series at large, and generally love on a favorite we all want to wad into our lives.

Rolling along into the news section, Paul talks to us about the Record Store Day 2018 scene, and we talk about a few other big new announcements, as well as some represses you may be interested in, and… HD vinyl appears on the scene?

We finish off the episode with a discussion about our preferences for collecting “new” or “old” music on vinyl record, and we talk about the rationale of enjoyment and also preservation (sell your CDs while you can!)

Outro: “Angel Gifts” – Katamari Damacy by Yuu Miyake

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