You didn’t think we would, but we came back! We can’t stop! And you can’t stop. Let’s not stop. Let’s just go around and around on this circular ride, talking and listening and grooving… forever… Oh, sorry! We got lost in our thoughts there. But we mean it. Join us on this crazy, nonstop, circular, music ride. Right now!

In this episode of Video Game Grooves, special guest Kevin Schulz joins us from Black Screen Records to discuss what brought him into the game music game! And it just so happens, what brought him into the game is our first feature pick! We begin with Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, from Oddworld Inhabitants. The vaguely disturbing and sometimes tribal/percussive sounds of Abe’s odyssey set the backdrop for a true rags-to-more-rags hero’s journey centered around a meat packing plant. After a thorough exploration of the dark and meaty dystopia, we hit the highway with OutRun from SEGA. The smooth sounds of Hiroshi Kawaguchi evoke a coastal city drive, calming your nerves while the game beats your face into the pavement.

We also cover the news and releases that have happened since our last show, helping to keep you in-the-knew for your next record chase! So pay attention!

Finally we talk with Kevin about the process that records labels go through to curate their catalog. On the consumer side, what impressions do we get about the “personalities” and identities that record labels project to the market. Plus, somewhere in all of this we make a pact to create an Outrun-covers-only band.

Outro: “Cruising Line” – OutRun, by

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Rez Infinite (iam8bit)
Deadbolt (Black Screen Records)
Monolith (The Yetee)
Final Symphony promo (
Cherries on air (Chuchel) (Minority Records)
Symphonies of the Knight (The Yetee)
Space Harrier (Data Discs)
Thomas Was Alone (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Volume (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Zuntata Arcade Classics vol. 3 (Light in the Attic Records)

CLRCASE vinyl record display units (Kickstarter)