Happy Mother’s Day 2018! Also happy F-Zero day 2018! It’s just how things are going to work this May at Video Game Grooves. On this very special occasion we are joined by video game journalist and reporter Timothy J Seppala to discuss the cult classic and the futuristic racer, and the vinyl releases their music have inspired.

We say “inspired” because Anthony has chosen the somewhat… apocryphal(?) soundtrack to Mother, from Ship to Shore Media. Although most of our picks are not found in the score to the game itself, they clearly evoke… well… something! Anthony seems happy about it, so we’re thrilled for him and all of us.

We continue with Jeremy’s pick of F-Zero, the inaugural release of a new unofficial label called Totakuribo. We eventually figure out that witty little portmanteau, but in the meantime we rocket through the show at high speeds to some of the iconic early music of the Super Nintendo launch title and appreciate the value of a little strategically-placed Spot UV.

Paul takes us through the news, new releases, and rumors, which are properly proportioned and easily digestible; nutritious, one might say!

Finally Tim runs us through the recent announcement of the so-called “HD Vinyl” format. What is it? Why is it? Also where/who/how is it?? These interesting questions, which may or may not be posed, will certainly be explored in some capacity in this new episode! Please enjoy it. AND REMEMBER TO CALL YOUR MOM! Your taste in music may be weird, but she still loves you. And so do we.

Outro: “The Paradise Line” – Mother, by Keiichi Suzuki & Linda Hennrick, performed by Jeb Millio


8-bit Time Paradox (Enjoy the Ride Records)
Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Claptastic Voyage (ThinkGeek)
198X (Kickstarter)
Lightfield (Minimum Records)
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa! (ShiptoShore)
Wandersong (The Yetee)
SID Dreams (Kickstarter)
Liberator (Finders Keepers Records, Bandcamp)
Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniv (Bigwax)
Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniv (Fangamer)
Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 3 (exclusive blue variant @ Vinyl-Digital)
Space Harrier (Mondo)

Images for Mother can be found at Discogs.com