Oops! All Guest-Hosts!

It’s a special week in the gaming world! And since we are, shall we say “gaming-adjacent”, we are left sans deux of our regular hosts. While Paul and Anthony are off gallivanting with the games and people of E3, Jeremy is covering game-music-on-vinyl for everyone out there in Podcast Land… but he’s not alone.  Joining us today are Jeff Roberts from Marshall Art and Aaron Hamel from Ship to Shore Media, who are here to surprise and delight us with music selections from their vinyl repertoire.

First, Jeff takes us through selections from The Pink Album, by Kirby’s Dream Band. With a faithful interpretation (and oh-so-cute stylings!) the band gives us the full Kirby treatment and a few other treats! Next, the irrepressible (but very repress-able) Aaron gives listeners a special Ship to Shore preview of not three, not five, but FOUR tracks from upcoming releases on the label. (Esper Dream 1 & 2, Gradius 2, Wai Wai World, and The Legend of the Mystical Ninja).

As always, we discuss the news and new releases on vinyl since the last show, and we conclude with a discussion about local record stores carrying our favorite game soundtracks on vinyl. Have you found that game soundtracks are easy or hard to come by in your area? Let us know! Thanks for listening!

Outro: “Kracko” – The Pink Album, by Kirby’s Dream Band

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The Music of Destiny (Bungie store) AVAILABLE THROUGH JUNE 15th
Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn (Wired Productions) (sold out)
Pokémon Collections: Pokémon Blue (Trevor Alan Gomes Bandcamp)
Dark Souls 1-3 Individual releases (Bandai Namco) (EU only)
Diggin’ in the Carts (Hyperdub Bandcamp)
Cherries on Air (Chuchel OST) (Minority Records)