In our latest “B-Side” release, Jeremy goes on site with Mega Ran and Bag of Tricks Cat for The Emerald Knights 2: The Tour, and talks to the duo about the dynamics of rap, nerdcore, chip-hop and otherwise. We go get into some details of his vinyl releases, Mega Ran 10, Black Materia, and most recently Symphonies of the Knight. For those not familiar with Mr. Ran or his flow, this is a good introduction to the world of the friendly and inspirational rap artist and S-rank lyrical maverick. The two discuss their tours, their professional progression, and how their lives impact their music. Keep it cool though and if you already have Mega’s records, or are inspired to pick them up, treat them right and no high-impact scratching sessions!

Twitter: @MegaRan, @BagOfTricksCat, @jeremy_lamont, @vg_grooves

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