Your Video Game Grooves podcast has returned to refresh you and strengthen your resolve for video games, music, vinyl records, and video game music on vinyl records! This time Anthony and Jeremy are joined by friend of the show Frederik “Blipblop” Lauridsen for a blast from the past! Or, in this case… a Blassty from the passty?

This episode is an exploration of the “oldies”, meaning game music released on vinyl more than 10 years ago, with Anthony and Frederik headlining some VERY cool picks! First, the never-before-heard (and literally not-on-the-internet) arranged version of Cruise Chaser Blassty, the first game soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. The flexidisc included with the PC8801 version of the game included a 3-track arranged (and very Prog-rock) album that we are happy to debut to the internet thanks to Frederik’s efforts! Next we look at the more conventional (but hard-to-find)  Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished Final Chapter by Falcom, and feature tracks by Mieko Ishikawa and Yuzo Koshiro.

These older features transition into a discussion-based second segment where we talk about the process of chasing and acquiring older releases. Where can they be found? What might you look for, and how to approach it? …Is it worth it? We offer our tips, guidance, and suggestions to collectors both new and established.

Finally for our third segment we get to some CURRENT events, with  news, new releases, and points of note. Join us on our trip through time and space!

Outro: “Too Full With Love (Super Arrange Version)” – Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished Final Chapter, by Mieko Ishikawa, vocals by Fumi Hirano

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Last of Us Part II (Mondo)
Kingdom (Limited Run Games)
VA-11 HALL-A Limited Run Games (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Sonic Forces “The Vinyl Cutz” (
Mother Russia Bleeds (Black Screen Records)
Psyviar Delta (ReadytoDispatch)
Gungrave VR Complete Edition (Play-Asia)
Zuntata Arcade Classics Vol 3 (Ship to Shore)
DOOM 2016 (Amazon and other retailers)