Your Video Game Grooves crew returns with new music to captivate and delight! In this episode, we are joined by Simon Jones of Minimum Records, to ride shotgun on our space-parkour journey through video games, vinyl records, video game music, and video game music on vinyl records.

We begin, with somber yet adorable disposition, with Hollow Knight by Christopher Larkin and Ghost Ramp. This not-on-PS-Vita metroidvania roguelike has captured the hearts and imaginations of gamers across multiple platforms, including our own Anthony John Agnello. Anthony describes the game’s style and vibe, and illustrates it with a couple of selections from the spooky-sad-cute score. Don’t let any maggots near your records!

We continue our high-speed topsy-turvy journey begins with Lightfield, from Minimum Records. This electronic, sometimes amelodic soundtrack by Zanshin, both challenges and enthuses us from a listening standpoint, and the presentation is oh-so-pretty! We explore the unique aspects of the game and the music it employs. Simon gives us a few insights into the production of this release and a few little details that make it special.

We continue our discussion into the “omg now-time” of the gamemusicvinylverse, picking out some special releases of note, what’s currently shipping, and what you should look forward to!

Finally, we put Mr. Jones under the hot lights for a look at Minimum Records. This little indie label has some interesting beginnings, with a tie to one host’s past! Simon tells us a little about his curation process, we ruminate on the “regionality” of record labels, and at the risk of his VERY LIFE, Simon lets us know one (and a half?) of his upcoming and heretofore unannounced releases.

Twitter – @vg_grooves, @walnutsoap, @jeremy_lamont, @ajohnagnello, @minimum_records

Outro: “Pynnocchyo’s Pyrrhusmite” – Lightfield, by Zanshin

Endless Space 2 (G4F)
Gradius (Ship to Shore)
Ittle Dew 2 (Gigantic Noise)
Dead Cells (Laced Records)
Death Squared (The Yetee)
Arrow Heads (The Yetee)
Slime Rancher (Fangamer)
Hollow Knight Gods & Nightmares (Ghost Ramp) [20% off affiliate link]
Hollow Knight Bundle (Ghost ramp) [20% off affiliate link]
The Norwood Suite (Ghost Ramp) [20% off affiliate link]
From_. (Qrates, crowdfunding)
Another World (US, blue variant) (full price now)
Another World (EU, blue variant) (full price now)