Welcome back! How’s it spinnin’? All the turny parts turnin’? Excellent, because we have good stuff for that platter of yours in our 31rd (“thirty firrrd”) episode of Video Game Grooves!

We open our listening party with one of the great arcade games of the 1980s, Space Harrier by Hiroshi Kawaguchi, whose work we have recently featured! Anthony helps us squint and look close as we dive into some of the synth compositions of the accomplished artist circa 1985 and the visual juxtaposition of… well… of the weird-ass scenario of Space Harrier at large. Is it a man flying with a gun or a gun flying with a man?? (Hi Scott and Joe!)

Next we explore with wanton abandon the imaginative land- and sky-scapes of Hohokum, by a pantheon of great musicians from the Ghostly International label of electronic music. A couple of very-Paul picks are yours to discover, along with the art of Richard Hogg in our gallery below! “The best compiled soundtrack since Katamari Damacy”?? So says Jeremy. What do you say?

We cover the news and new releases (and there’s a load of ’em!) in the last couple of weeks and help you pick from the records requesting — nay, demanding —  your time and money!

Finally, we spend the third segment considering the possibility that there may be a “video game music on vinyl record bubble”, and contemplating what might/could/will happen when it lets out a little air. What do you think about the sustainability of the little niche we love? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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Spider-Man (Mondo)
Metroid (Bit Brigade) (Hello Sir Records)
Framed 2 (iam8bit)
Moss (Polyarc Games)
Okami (Data Discs) (order special edition by Aug 14th)
We Happy Few Collectors Edition (Amazon)
Tokyo Chronos (Kickstarter, $249 tier)
Deus Ex Human Revolution repress (Amazon)

Double Ferrari (Bit Brigade’s other project) on Bandcamp



Bonus lenticular effects!!