Welcome to you, O Listener! You of discerning ear and taste, are welcome here to our niche little corner of the internet to partake in the bounty of video game music on vinyl record, which, you can see in our tagline, we ❤️ video game music on vinyl record!

In what may be our most “Sh-” episode ever, we are joined by Mohammed Taher from Brave Wave Productions for our hush-hush feature picks! The first one is Shenmue, from Sega, in honor of the HD remakes of Shenmue 1 and 2 released earlier this month! We return again to the 80s, to the way we all wanted to be: destiny, drama, a quest of parental reconciliation, and forklifts. Anthony guides us like a gentle sensei through the portent-fraught stylings of the game and Paul (as the sole representative player of the game) provides sailor-free commentary.

Next we continue our tradition of “Sh-” games with Shovel Knight! Mohammed brings a lot of inside information about working with Jake Kaufman, Minami Matsumae, and the involvement of Brave Wave in the development of the gam itself. We explore the textures of chiptune music and pick a couple of tracks from what was in two different “Top 3” picks of 2017!

In our second segment, we cover news and releases, and discuss some of the difficulties associated with region restrictions on sales (Paul volunteers to be YOUR vinyl mule), as well as a few represses and some tips about how to protect your shipments from Amazon.

Finally in our third segment we discuss game platforms that just haven’t received enough love and representation from the vinyl format. Also we hear some wise observations from Mohammed about opportunity. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter about any and all!

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Soul Calibur Best Of (Bandai Namco, EU only)
Rockman 1-3 Sound Collection (Amazon.co.jp, also at TGS 2018)
Fallout 76 7″ (Micromania, Le Vinyle Fallout exclusif offert!)
Xenogears Vinyl Shinkaku (Amazon.co.jp)
Lost in Harmony (G4F Records)
Nier: Glory to Mankind (Materia Collective, Rozen Bandcamp)
The Witcher 3 Complete Edition (Game Legends, sold out)
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Fangamer)
Minit (Ghost Ramp)
Old Man’s Journey (iam8bit)