Oh my God you found us. We don’t know how, but you found us. RUN FOR IT MARTY!!

Welcome once again, fans of game music on vinyl, to this episode of Video Game Grooves, and boy have we ever got a podcast for you!  Paul is away and Anthony has come down with a case of sexy-diseased-podcaster voice, but we are powering through it!

For starters, we begin with the Moonshake release of Donkey Kong Country, and a little about the composer David Wise and his early work with Rare Ltd. Anthony picks his favorite tracks from the game and we get very honest about the similarities between our selection and a certain musical artist you didn’t know you actually love, you nerd.

Next, Jeremy teleports us to Another World, with the music of Jean-Francois Freitas. We judge the relative merit of the game in a historical context against other staples of the era, and we discuss the unusual direction Eric Chahi gave about the sound for the game. We also sample a couple of alternate track versions on the Black Screen Records release, and explain what a “disk read” is to you youngsters.

We hit the news, and the new releases, and in our special first-ever community participation discussion segment, we discuss the question of autographs: Do you seek them? Do you like them? Have you ever done anything extraordinary to get one? And what are some of your favorite signatures, if any?

Let’s see if you bastards can do 78! (RPM that is)

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Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore a Fedora (The Yetee)
Policenauts (Data Discs) (sold out)
Gone Home (iam8bit)
Doki Doki Literature Club (iam8bit)
Super Bomberman R (Sumthing)
State of Decay 2 (Sumthing)
Runescape Collections (Laced Records)
Warmech (Artoffact Records) (various editions, sold out?)
The Sun and Moon (Data Airlines) (itch.io game link!)
Human Fall Flat (sale) (Super Rare Games)
Deus Ex Human Revolution (Amazon)

RSGloryandGold (Twitch page for Runescape streamer Tony “Yahoooo”)