VGG Episode 34: If it exists on vinyl, there is a Video Game Grooves episode of it. (It’s not as much a rule as an exaggeration.)

Welcome to our podcast. Again. This week we’re back with our usual formula, but we’re calling an audible! Podcast pun INTENDED! Anthony is on tap with special returning guest Matt Hawkins to discuss Gradius by Miki Higashino, published by Ship to Shore Media. Anthony and Matt spar about the respective quality of the MSX and Famicom versions of the game, and what became a “formative” sound for Konami. We also discuss spinoffs and sequels, as well as our favorite remix albums. Next Jeremy dons his synesthesia suit to discuss Rez Infinite, from iam8bit. With the power of an archival codex in his hands, he guides us through the Rez experience to our happy place with a few anecdotes about the game’s development, art, and music, while Matt and Anthony dig into their memory banks for some added context and a Lawnmower Man reference.

Paul swoops in to handle the news and releases, and they are INNUMERABLE. Well, there are a bunch, and Jeremy and Paul (mostly Paul) flesh out the context and the damages for the last couple of weeks and give you the goods about the goods you need to get.

Finally, we talk about the heartbreaking side of collecting video game music on vinyl. Sometimes it’s “the one that got away” and sometimes it’s we got what we asked for but it wasn’t what we WANTED. So sad.

Ship to Shore Gradius collected artwork (2x Gradius III)

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The Last of Us Vol 1 (Mondo)
Kingdom New Lands (Fangamer)
Forza Horizon 4 (Hospital Records)
“The NES E.P.” (Qrates) (unfunded)
Ittle Dew 2, 2xLP (Gigantic Noise)
Golf Story Limited Run Games Variant (sold out) (Limited Run Games)
Another World (Limited Run Games)
Tomb Raider Dark Angel Symphony (Kickstarter, in jeopardy)
Snake Pass (Super Rare Games)
GRIP Collector’s Edition (Wired Productions)
Vampyr (Black Screen Records)