Hi-ho, faithful listeners! It’s been a little while but we have returned for another steady-spinnin’ episode of Video Game Grooves! We are joined by our returning co-host and good friend Pete Smith, developer of Witcheye and other goodies!

In this episode we feature the long-awaited Mondo release of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! It is not by Anthony’s hand that this soundtrack is once again given flesh, but he will definitely talk about it and pick a couple of great (but unusual) tracks to feature for your listening pleasure. We talk about the musicality of the series and how our tastes may even have evolved from the game’s original release. Jeremy steps up (with the help of Pete) to highlight Rockman 1-3 Sound Collection from Capcom. The game is famous for its rock vibe, but we focus on how it walks the pop line, and even brings you a milkshake at the diner!

Next, with the kind help of Paul, we run through the news and new releases since our last show (there are quite a few!) and highlight a couple of sales and shipping deals to be had.

Finally, we spend a little self-reflection time with the recent community discussion of bootleg releases. We look the issue squarely in the face, and discuss some of the untidy matters involved with intellectual property rights, market forces, fan and label love, and who if anyone is harmed by an unauthorized production. Join us for the listen, and add your own thoughts on Twitter or in this episode’s blog post.

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Castlevania, Symphony of the Night (Mondo)
Castlevania Rondo of Blood (Mondo) (Out of stock)
Children of Termina (Materia Collective Bandcamp)
Frostpunk (gamemusic records)
Windjammers (Fangamer)
Night in the Woods (Ghostramp)
Alfonso’s Arctic Adventure (Kickstarter)
Tomb Raider Dark Angel Symphony (relaunched Kickstarter)
Outlast Trilogy of Terror (Spacelab9)
Art of Fighting 2 (Bravewave, Fangamer, Bigwax)
Transistor, coke-bottle clear variant (Supergiant Games) (sold out)
Furi (G4F Records)