Darkness. Emptiness. Silence. Only dim and distant lights, providing no heat and only scant illumination to an otherwise cold and barren expanse. Is this episode about:

a) Your wallet after record release day
b) Outer space
c) Why not both?

Welcome back, star voyager, as we bring you the warmth and music of another Video Game Grooves episode! This time we are joined by Mohammed Taher of Brave Wave Productions for an exciting episode about spaaaaace! We begin with the 2018 Data Discs release of Policenauts, one of the early oeuvres of Hideo Kojima. The fairly-uncredited music captures the buddy-cop genre with a jazz backdrop to keep you pointin’ and clickin’ and investigatin’ space cases, and we discuss our own musical maturity.  Next, we let Mohammed off the hook as we explore the 4X musical genre in Endless Space 2, released by G4F. We learn to let music breathe a bit as the FlyByNo score walks the line between melodic and ambient, and Mo makes his love known for the Amplitude Studios series, and mmmmaybe even sneaks in an extra feature track! 😉

We cover the news and new releases, which aren’t too taxing this time around, but a few interesting finds will keep your turntable busy for a long time to come.

Finally we discuss your community answers to the question “What bonanzas have you found ‘in the wild?'” A few of you have gotten verrry lucky and we are so jealous. Mohammed teases us with an exclusive announcement or two, and we rocket off for reaches unknown (and our next episode)!

Outro: “No! No! No!” – Policenauts, by Konami Kukeiha Club

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Brave Wave Productions website
Brave Wave Productions twitter

Smooth McGroove – VGM Acapella Volume 1 (Yetee Records)
Endless Legend – Vinyl Edition (G4F Records)
Wargroove (Yetee Records)
Metro Exodus (Italian Amazon) (Russian retailer)
Lil Bub’s Hello Earth (LilBub.com)

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