It’s been a little while, but technical issues be darned to heck! We are back! And we’re back in style. Video Game Grooves returns for a probably-classic episode as Paul and Jeremy combine forces with our good friend Tom from Laced Records!

This week we explore some classic indie “chip-style” music with a throw back to 2011’s precision-platformer Dustforce, with Fastfall: Dustforce by Lifeformed. We discuss some of the influences that the album had on indie music for the next several years, and where the Hitbox Team game fits into the pantheon of punishment that the genre represents today. We then continue with every year’s game-of-the-year The Last of Us, from Mondo Records. We ruminate on the virtuosic style of Gustavo “Gus” Santaolalla, and how his personal compositions might have been translated into the audio design of the game itself.

We then proceed to the news and new releases (which are now slightly-aged releases) and point you in the direction of the next opportunity to drain your wallet, and the latest happenings in the world of video game music on vinyl records.

Finally, inspired by Dustforce, we enter into a discussion of the identity of “post-chip” music, and whether its day has come and gone, where it is now, and some of the essential picks in the genre that have been released on vinyl.

Outro: “Sepia Tone Laboratory” – Fastfall: Dustforce, by Lifeformed

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Celeste “Aurora and Strawberry” variant (Fangamer)
Anno 1800 (Black Screen Records)
Beckett (The Secret Experiment
The Last of Us Vol 2 (Mondo Records)
Florence  (iam8bit)
Skullgirls Switch bundle (Skybound Games)
Resident Evil 1 and 2 (Laced Records) (sold out)
Rain World (Black Screen Records)
Metro Exodus (
Cross Symphonic (Kickstarter)

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