Welcome, listeners! Be you girl or shadow-girl, or bear or bird, you are all invited to our latest endeavor here at Video Game Grooves! Sometimes you climb a mountain, sometimes you traverse a boingy swamp. Sometimes you do a podcast. We did that one.

This week we make our acquaintance with brand new record label Debug Records (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and meet its owner Caleb Denney. Caleb is joined by warrior-poet-badass Erich Beckmann, daddy to the label’s first release Mother Fucking Earthbound, coming soon to a turntable very near you!

Our features this week are fresh and exciting, as we scale the mountain of sound that is Celeste, from Ship to Shore Media. The Lena Raine score has garnered praise and awards since its release in 2018, and Erich takes point to tell us about his love for the game’s technical-yet-poignant music and message. We then climb in Caleb’s backpack for a grand tour of Banjo-Kazooie from iam8bit. As we gallop along, we keep our bulbous eyeballs peeled and appreciate Grant Kirkhope’s dynamic and thematically-varied composition, and genius use of mouth-harp.

Our second segment is filled with all the news you can use, keeping you apprised of all that discretionary spending that you’re missing out on! A few other news blurbs arise, and we tackle those too.

Finally, we sit down (we stood up at some point) and talk to Caleb and Erich about the initial outing from Debug, and we field your questions for the duo about the label, this release, and its influences and origins!

Outro: “Onett” – Mother Fucking Earthbound, by ErichWK

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The Gardens Between (Vinyl Me Please)
The Messenger (iam8bit)
Diggin In The Carts Remixes EP (Hyperdub)
LSD Revamped (Ship To Shore Media)
Colours (EastAsiaSoft)
Project Sidologie (C64Audio)

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Banjo-Kazooie Photos Courtesy
Anthony Shebastak [The Reginald Project]