It is time once again for us to reckon with the darkness inside us. The pain and longing. The struggle. The loss. The nurses. Yes, it’s time for another VGG! Thanks for coming! We are joined this week by first-time guest but already-friend-of-the-show Cassie Baralis from Ship to Shore. As one of the “many hats” people at StS, Cassie handles brand and licensing for the label but is also a fan of music, vinyl, and darkness in her own right. And for this episode, Cassie is bringing us LISA the Painful RPG from Ghost Ramp Records. LISA is one of those hidden gems (totally unknown to some of our hosts) and Cassie sheds some light on the game itself, enlightens and evangelizes it over some of its contemporaries, and brings special focus on Austin Jorgensen’s… unorthodox… score for the unusual one-man-created game. Next, Anthony is back in Mondo Records’ thrall again with the release of Silent Hill 2. This iconic game and its iconic music both deserve some illumination, and Anthony and Cassie both have this one in their blood. Although we may not have composer Akira Yamaoka’s recommended alcohol pairings on hand, we nurse our intoxication with the music and the mood, and generally adore the vinyl incarnation of this video game legend.

In our second segment, of course, news and releases, and links below to let you spend that money (or those “dirty mags”) on some stuff you might not have even known you needed. At least one record label is shutting down, but another will rise from its ashes!

Finally, we get to spend some time with Cassie talking about some behind-the-scenes stuff working at a “weirdo” label like Ship to Shore. When you’ve spent so much of your life on a record label and you know what you like, what does that mean for licensing? How did Osamu Sato get involved on their recent release of LSD Revamped? What are the complications with licensing anyway? Did she get another tattoo? Anime?? Give us a listen!

Outro: “Overdose Delusion” – Silent Hill 2, by Akira Yamaoka

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Instagram: Cassie Baralis
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LSD Revamped (Ship to Shore)
Pocket Rumble (Yetee Records)
Hotline Miami EP (Das Mörtal Bandcamp)
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Box Set (Laced Records)
Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Double Vinyl (Laced Records)
Thunder Force IV (Data Discs)
Thunder Force IV (Mondo Distro)
Katamari Damacy (final pressing) (Mondo)

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