Like a bolt of “lightening” from a clear sky, your Video Game Grooves podcast has returned! In this episode, Anthony and Jeremy visit fantastical lands and the far reaches of outer space to bring you the best of our collections of video game music on vinyl record!

This episode brings us up close and personal with a lauded “shoot-em-up” game (as the oldsters call them) Thunder Force IV, for the Sega Genesis, also known as Lightening Force in the USA. As we’ve discussed in previous episodes, the Genesis is a delicate musical tool that can take you to heaven or send you to hell… What will the post-metal (yet still jazzy) Data Discs release do for you? Next we move on to a more modern classic, Shadow of the Colossus by Kow Otani. Many listeners may be familiar with the beloved “Oops! All Bosses” style game and its haunting score, and we handle the material with fresh ears and open hearts, exploring the bigness, sadness, and loneliness of the PS2/PS3/PS4 masterpiece.

We catch up on some overdue business, by which we mean commerce… by which we mean we’re going to tell you about stuff you’ll want to spend money on. Don’t worry, it hurts us too (so good). We wrap the episode with

Outro: “Great Sea Power (Stage 6)” – Thunder Force IV, by Naosuke Arai & Technosoft Sound Team

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Blood & Truth (Black Screen Records)
Hitman: The Critical Collection (iam8bit)
Ghost Giant (Perp Games) (sold out)
Sonic CD (Data Discs)
Shadow of the Beast (Lag Records)
Shadow of the Beast (Light in the Attic)
Celeste B-Sides (Black Screen Records)
Celeste B-Sides (Ship to Shore)
Planet X3 (Eox Studios)
Returner (
Gris (iam8bit)
Dauntless standard (Phoenix Labs)
Dauntless glow-in-the-dark (Phoenix Labs)
Final Fantasy VII + remake(Square Enix) *check around for cheaper
Samurai Shodown (2019) (Wayô Records)
Fallout 3 box set (Spacelab9) (sold out)
Fallout 3 Radio Selections (Spacelab9) (sold out)
Fallout 3 box set (Bethesda Gear Store)

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