With summer in full swing, the VGG crew is back to help you beat the heat with some cool tunes and chill game soundtrack records. It’s like standing in front of the refrigerator while your hair blows in the wind! This episode brings Paul, Anthony, and Jeremy back together to guide you through the game music we have known, and spin it up on the vinyl you love!

This week, we begin with the Limited Run Games release of Lumines Remastered, and the eclectic but bumpin’ sounds of Takayuki Nakamura. We remember the phenomenon of Lumines and how it fits into the pantheon of Q Entertainment titles, and whether their games feel like musical creation… or something else. We also note the music that is NOT on this release as well its overall listenability. Next we shift gears significantly to Sony’s God of War (2018), which propelled the franchise to new levels of dadliness and new musical textures and culture to explore. Bear McCreary’s dramatic score is a departure from the series’ prior motive cues but brings the player along the journey of discovery and epic adventure, and we discuss the brutally-violent Kratos as one of the huggiest protagonists in all of video games.

As always, we bring you the latest news about new releases, crowdfunding efforts, and reprints that you need to know about (or will be disappointed you missed–sorry). We know… it’s the segment of the show that causes us the most internal conflict too. We top off the show with a discussion about the importance (or not) of preserving the analog signal of the vinyl audio format versus the convenience of digital technology. What about that Bluetooth-capable turntable you (coughJeremycough) are considering? Wireless headphones? How about putting that signal through a digital receiver or other tech? Listen in for the important-est viewpoints to consider! Thanks for listening!

Outro: “Talk 2 You” – Lumines, by Takayuki Nakamura

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Wandersong (Ghost Ramp)
Bad Mojo (Ghost Ramp)
Deltarune (Fangamer)
Rend (Materia Collective)
Poké & Chill (MateriaCollective)
Bloodborne (Laced Records USA) (Laced Records EU)
Red Faction (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Double Switch (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time (iam8bit)
The Witcher 3 repress (Spacelab9) (2LP variant) (4LP variant)
Silent Hill (Fangamer)
Silent Hill 2 (Fangamer)

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