Like a big translucent helper-friend or an old war buddy talking to you through a jawbone-resonant radio system, the Video Game Grooves podcast is BACK to aid and guide you in your pursuit of our common love: video game music on vinyl records!

This week, we guide you toward Zoink! Games VR indie game Ghost Giant. Paul walks us through his process of encountering and obtaining this small-run gem. The intimate instrumentation and intimate interface of Ghost Giant makes the game feel like it’s in your eyeballs and in your eardrum. We wade through some tricky Swedish to discuss the strange sounds and the silly sousaphone and how the (musical) hands of Ghost Giant reach out and grab us. Our second pick is the vinyl release for the monolithic Metal Gear Solid. We recollect a bit of the series’ history as well as the cultural homage (and musical homage).

We then continue to the news and the new releases (and there are many this episode) as well as a few now-shipping notices and rumors that have become fact. And finally, for our third-segment discussion we ruminate on the idea “when NOT to vinyl’, whatever that means to us. Join us and vinyl!

Outro: “The Best is Yet to Come” – Metal Gear Solid, by Rika Muranaka, performed by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh

Twitter – @vg_grooves@walnutsoap@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Laced Records)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Laced Records)
River City Girls (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series (Skybound Games)
Supergiant 10th Anniversary Collection (iam8bit)
Solasta: Crown of the Magister (Kickstarter)
Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Original Soundtrack (T-Annex)
Guilty Gear Memorial (Nin-Nin) (sold out)
Blazblue Memorial (Nin-Nin) (sold out)
Close to the Sun (Wired Productions)
Days Gone (Mondo)
Machinarium reissue (Amanita Design)

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