Well well well, we see that you have returned. It is fortuitous, because we are actually RIGHT HERE with another new episode of our famous* podcast, Video Game Grooves! And this week, we have a wonderful show lined up, wherein Anthony and Jeremy are joined by very special guest Grant “Stemage” Henry, who is no stranger to the video game music scene… and is now being swayed to the dark (classic black) side. To kick things off, Grant brings us the very special feature Galaxy Force II & Thunder Blade, from Data Discs. We explore our relationship with the arcade version of the game, as well as the involvement of the Sega Sound Team in a number of contemporary projects, and we put our finger on the pulse of “cool in Japan in the 90s. 🚬”  We then shift gears to a different kind of rails shooter with Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement, from Brave Wave. The sheer unlikeliness of this project is only surpassed by its excellence, and we explore Saori Kobayashi’s composition and layering, and appreciate the production and love involved in the production of the release.

We carry on into the news, and we know it’s the most painful part of the show, but we’ll hold your hand. It will go quick, and your bank account is only a few hundred units emptier than it was before. You’ll survive. There are also a couple of pretty good rumors that you can trade for heroic deeds at the nearby video game tavern.

Finally, we sit down with Grant and examine him thoroughly, from his shocking opinions about Bubsy to his participation in “very welcoming” Steven Universe cults. We might even talk a little bit about music, including his preferred approach to video game cover music!

Outro: “Atolm Dragon” – Panzer Dragoon Saga, by Saori Kobayashi

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