Speculative futuristic war. Speculative futuristic war never changes. Welcome to “Battle” week, in which Video Game Grooves brings the fight to you with a couple of fighty soundtracks that sound nothing alike but share at least one thing in common: circularity. Meaning vinyl. Yes it’s too clever, let’s move on.

This week we are joined by Jacob Chase of the VGM WAX blog, which recently celebrated its first anniversary covering a more literate form of video game music on vinyl record. We recommend you swing by and check it out! Jacob and Jeremy focus on the dynamic musical score for Battletech, the Harebrained Schemes strategy game based on the iconic tabletop franchise. The unorthodox-but-appropriate musical stylings of Jon Everist underscore the futuristic-yet-feudal storylines while still capturing the flavor of giant stompy ‘mechs shooting each other on far-flung worlds, and we highlight a couple of selections to illustrate that. Anthony is excited about Battle Garegga, from Limited Run Games. This vertical shooter lies at an interesting nexus point for the arcade shooter genre, and the complex musical layers of its soundtrack are a great late-era jam.

Then we put Jacob in the hot seat to talk about the story behind VGM WAX, and we have a good old discussion about the process of “coverage” of video game music on record. How do we approach it, what drives us in our respective media, and what is it that we hope to share and give to others? So come listen and be shared with and given to. <3

Outro: “Restoration” – Battletech, by Jon Everist

Check out the VGM WAX review of Battletech and interview with Jon Everist at https://www.vgmwax.com/reviews/2019/9/18/battletech

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Slay the Spire (Ghost Ramp)
Machinarium Remixed (Minority Records)
Sayonara Wild Hearts (iam8bit)
TxK Soundtrack (Heart of Neon Kickstarter)
Gone Jackals “Legacy” Single (Blueblack Records) (few remaining)

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