Time is a circle, ever spinning, with tiny grooves in it, playing the music of our lives, year in and year out. We might be overworking that metaphor, but, you know, somehow it just feels right. We’ve arrived at the end of 2019, and looking back on it, there was a lot that happened this year, and it’s been really expensive amazing in aggregate.

We’re joined once again by video-game-music-on-vinyl-record magnate, Frederik Lauridsen of BlipBlop.net, who holds not only the keys to our hearts, but the keys to this year’s community vote for your favorite release of the year!

This year there are some surprises, some no-brainers, and a lot of discussion and love of video game music, vinyl records, video game music on vinyl records, and everyone who works on them, listens to them, or (cough Jeremy cough) just accumulates them and admires them on the shelf. Special thanks to our guests, hosts, and production staff in 2019. We look forward to spinning again in 2020!

Outro: “Clock Town” – Children of Termina, by Rozen

To see our spoiler-filled list of 2019 favorites in text form, click here, but tell no one!