Sometimes travel takes you to the far ends of the earth. Sometimes it gives you a new perspective on the same places you’ve already been. And sometimes, dear listener, it returns you, like a turntable, right back to where you began.

We’re joined this week by One Run Records‘ Ryan Huff to explore the idea of travel, and we begin by following Paul’s lead to the iam8bit release of Monument Valley. We reflect on the music and art of the game as an invitation to slow down and simply experience, and discuss Ustwo Games’ intent to make something meant for display. Ryan then takes us on a deep dive into the largely-forgotten past of early Japanese adventure games with Sound Adventure Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu!! (Try saying that once fast.) This fairly unknown game, one of Yujii Hori’s first for game studio Enix, was a reaction to the adventure game genre of the west but also a template for non-parser adventure games (including in the west!) from that point on. We explore the game’s eclectic music through the “sound adventure” adaptation that uses a mix of live and digital instruments for a very early “serious” look at video game music on vinyl record.

We continue, as we do, with the news and releases, and we dig up a few gems in addition to the widely-known products draining your wallet this month. Plug your ears for every other one to save a little money!

Finally, we talk to Ryan about his recent trip to Japan in which he acquired his feature pick for this episode. We discuss the differences between vinyl shopping in Japan and America and Europe, and make plans to visit Asia and spend a ton of discretionary money. Ryan also drops a bit of One Run Records news for us, including the surprise announcement of a Castlevania The Adventure: ReBirth variant exclusive to that label! OOoooooh!

Outro: “Ending Theme~A New Departure” – Sound Adventure Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin: Ohotsuku ni Kiyu!!, by Akihiko Yabu, Gozo Shiozaki, Toshiyuki Ueno

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Minibosses Statdemon (Gofundme)
Borderlands 3 2LP (Laced Records – USAROW)
Borderlands 3 4LP (Laced Records – USAROW)
Castlevania: The Adventure: ReBirth (ShiptoShoreDebug Records – One Run Records coming soon!)
Killing Floor2 (Debug Records)
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (Laced Records – USAROW)
Resident Evil 0 (Laced Records – USAROW)
Kowloon’s Gate (
Jak & Daxter (Limited Run Games) (sold out)
Asobi No Oto Vol. 0 (Otakumode)

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