In the newest(-to-you)* episode of Video Game Grooves, Anthony and Jeremy tag-team the game-music-on-vinyl scene with a little bit of “weird, avant-garde, and fairly isolated” and also some “has its DNA in everything and is a major publisher’s new bread-and-butter.” We begin this journey of obscurity and ubiquity with D2 Remixes, an album based on the Kenji Eno survival horror game D2 for the Dreamcast. Although the game itself is an evolutionary dead end, the music itself is very modern… and catchy! Anthony takes us on a voyage of drum ‘n’ bass beats and gonzo horror creatures to bring us to vinyl knowledge of The Other Eno.

Next, Jeremy steps up to the plate with the formerly-obscure-but-now-inescapable Monster Hunter franchise, with the recent Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary release from T-Annex. Music from the earliest days of monster hunting up through the latest expansion for Monster Hunter World is represented here, and Jeremy and Anthony take the opportunity to traverse the history of the series to chase the choicest tracks for your listening pleasure. But after all is said and done, the important question is: Which of our features is the car-chasiest?

We continue onward diligently to the news and new releases, directing you to the usual suspects that want to sop up your spare cash. A couple of re-releases and a number of artistic reinterpretations have caught our attention this time, and we think they’ll do the same for you!  Finally, we spend a bit of time ruminating on the best way to gift others of the video game vinyl persuasion for the Christmas season for the Valentine’s Day season, and how to help those in your life be bold in gifting you.

Outro: “Searching for the Hidden Hot Spring” – Monster Hunter X

*please excuse any and all references to “it’s Fall now”

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Rocket League x Monster Cats: Greatest Hits (iam8bit)
Cross Symphonic (Bandcamp)
Parallelus (Chrono Cross arrangement) (Bandcamp)
Gears 5 (Laced Records)
Banana Jamz 199x (Cartridge Thunder)
Metal Gear NES (Mondo) (sold out)
Metal Gear MSX32 (Mondo)
Toe Jam & Earl : Back in the Groove (Enjoy the Ride Records)

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