It’s been 84 years since we’ve seen you, but our ❤️ for video game music on vinyl records has gone on, and so we’re back at it! This time, Paul and Jeremy are joined by Justin O’Rear from Respawned Records to discuss a pair of features for this episode that are dubiously thematically tied together for your enjoyment and edification. Our first feature pick this time around is Vectormania by Respawned Records. We grapple with the graphics and opine aout “orbots” in this 1990s blast from the pre-rendered past on the Sega Genesis Megadrive. Justin gives us some insight into the background of the record and we even do a little comparison of the electro-farty soundfont on the original hardware. Next, Jeremy infiltrates Perfect Dark, by iam8bit, and puts the game in the context of its iconic spiritual predecessor while highlighting the style it keeps all for itself. We appreciate Joanna Dark as a cool character and explore the musical unity of this co-composed soundtrack while reliving our comp-stomping glory days of Perfect Dark multiplayer.

Next we have quite a few items to catch you up on, commercially speaking. Times are tough but if you’re like us, the call of the vinyl is strong, and we know you want to answer. In our third and final segment we sit down with Justin to learn everything there is to know about his new (but prolific) record label, and some of the… “cult pop” properties he has pursued. We ask the hard questions about Plok, and we even weasel a brand new announcement out of him for the next Respawned release!

Outro: “End Credits” – Perfect Dark, by Grant Kirkhope

Respawned Records:
Twitter: @respawnedrec
Facebook: respawnedrecords
Instagram: @respawnedrecords

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello

Guardia: The X-Strike Sessions (TheYetee)
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (iam8bit)
Ori and the Blind Forest reissue (iam8bit)
Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (sold out) (Limited Run Games)
Sea of Stars (Kickstarter)
Life Force / Salamander (Ship to Shore) (Debug Records) (Black Screen Records)
Tekken (Laced Records)
Tekken 2 (Laced Records)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Limited Edition (
Bat out of HAL (Kirby’s Dream Band Bandcamp)
Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu (Wayo Records)
Rush ‘N Attack (Spacelab9)
Red Matter (Enjoy the Ride Records) (Black Screen Records)
Lost Ember (Mooneye Studios) (EU only)

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