Rotating like the seasons in the ambiguous and overwrought ending of Mega Man 2, the turntable has again come round to another episode of Video Game Grooves. No reason to despair, we’re not dead (unlike Mega Man at the end of Mega Man 2), but rather we’re here for another episode of our famously overwrought podcast for you to enjoy!  This time we get equipped with guest host Brock Wilbur, as he takes a breather from releasing his new book in the Boss Fight Books series, this time about Postal!

In this episode we take a new tack with our feature as we devote our entire session to Mega Man 1-11: The Collection from Laced Records. We get to take our time and get out into the weeds with some of the more admirable traits of a “full series” musical take on Mega Man, but of course there are always some oddball robot masters in the attic, and we trot them out for all to see. We discuss the breadth of the iconic series and delve into some of the more obscure areas of the series, developmentally and musically. Anthony, Brock, Paul and Jeremy all have their particular spins on the records AND the robots of one of Capcom’s flagship series… we just hope we’re doing it all in the right order.

After the feature, we head into news and new releases, deftly getting you the info you need to justify your expenses to whatever degree you choose or don’t… it’s enabling behavior, we know, but it’s just one more service we provide to you. Finally, we get out of robot mode and sit down to talk about our feelings, and just what (emotionally-speaking) draws us to our record shelf instead of other outlets for passing time. We learn a lot about life, love, and each other. And we hope you do too.

Outro: “Staff Roll” – Mega Man 10

Brock Wilbur’s website:
Postal (Boss Fight Books) by Brock Wilbur & Nathan Rabin

Ultimatemavrickx (Deviant Art page)

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello

Freedom Finger (Rhymesayers)
Minecraft Volme Beta (Amazon US)
Death Stranding: songs from the Video Game (Mondo)
Resident Evil 4 (Laced Records, Limited, Standard)
Ultimate Chicken Horse (Debug Records)
Void Bastards (Ghost Ramp)
Chex Quest (Limited Run Games)
Osamu Sato Collected Ambient Grooves (Mentalgroove Bandcamp)

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