It’s been a while since you’ve had a dose of that ancient far-east fare, so we are bringing it back in style in another great episode. This time we are joined again by Frederik Lauridsen of to feature some of the very earliest video game music on vinyl record with Namco Game Music Vol. 2, one of those good old G.M.O. Records releases. Specifically we focus on a little-known game called Youkai Douchuuki, and hear a number of selections from a hell-themed arcade game and talk about how the earliest game music came to turntables in Japan. Next, we have a very special fulfillment of Anthony’s long-time dream to feature Suite Dragon Quest II, also a Japanese oldie, but it’s specifically the B-side we want. We sit down for a truly mammoth 25 minute listening session for the entire reverse side of the Dragon Quest album which features an arranged “sound story” of the Famicom game from beginning to end. We spend some time talking about the kinds of creativity in arrangements like this that we just don’t see these days, although a glimmer of it exists in recent performances and upcoming releases.

We move on to those new releases and announcements with trepidation. It’s been an expensive couple of weeks for some of us… how about you? Links below in case you need to catch up on some of those soon-to-be-hard-to-find items. A vinyl collector’s work is never done, it seems.

Outro: Gameplay from Youkai Douchuuki – Namco Game Music Vol 2

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