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A new B-Side is fresh from the boat, and this time we’re summoning Knight of the Round for a discussion of their newest release, Seven. Band promoter Kyle Gaddo joins Anthony and Jeremy to explore the phenomenon of Final Fantasy cover music, and heavy metal game cover music in general. Band frontman Justin Taylor gives some insight into the composition process for Seven and provides details about the creation of the album and the process of making a vinyl release happen. We also have a chance to listen to a ton of heavy / pensive / outrageous / stompy / portentous metal. The band is looking to tour again soon when conditions allow, but you should consider supporting them so that you know the lyrics to One-Winged Angel to sing along when Knight of the Round comes to your town!

Twitter: @kotrmetal, @kylegaddo, @ajohnagnello, @jeremy_lamont@vg_grooves

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