Show notes:

What is Video Game Grooves? Is it a perfect circle, destined to have no beginning or end? Is it a planar spiral, swirling against entropy ever inward toward an imperfect concentric point of consciousness? No. It is a podcast about video game soundtracks on vinyl that you will make a part of you, forever. This week we dive very deep into the NieR: Automata  / NieR Gestalt & Replicant box set from Square-Enix. Paul and Anthony take the lead on this millennia-spanning endeavor, plumbing the depths of meaning from Yoko Taro’s inscrutible oeuvre. We take meaning from the music and from the story, exploring themes of consciousness of communication, and we mispronounce ALL of it.

Next we keep you in the know about the new releases and crowdfunding efforts in the world of vinyl. You might say that we keep your heart and mind rich, but your wallet poor. Sorry about that.

Finally we discuss our relationship with video game music, or soundtracks in general, and what it means for us when we do or don’t have a personal context with the music. There may or may not be a rant about “VGM.” Anime fans and VGM community, direct your angry letters to Jeremy Anthony and Paul [-ed.]

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello

A Short Hike (Stumpy Frog Records)
Twilight Princess Arrangement (sold out) (Respawned Records)
Vib-Ribbon (Minimum Records)
What The Golf? (iam8bit)
Grandia Memorial Soundtrack Edition (Wayo Records)
Control (Laced Records) (Light in the Attic)
Dishonored: The Soundtrack Collectio (Laced Records)
The King of Fighters ’98 (Limited Run Games) (Bigwax)
Evoland (Red Art Games)
Evoland II (Red Art Games)
Blaster Master Zero 1 (Limited Run Games)
Blaster Master Zero 2 (Limited Run Games)
Skelettack (Mondo)
Across the Worlds (Chrono Cross Piano Collections (Wayo Records)
Space Quest III Reorchestrated (Qrates)
SID Anthology: To Be On Top (Qrates) (relaunched)

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