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In the land of oddities that is video game music on vinyl records, we like to think that we highlight the special ones, or highlight the special elements in the things you might otherwise overlook, and today we have a bit of both! We’re joined this time around by Debug Records’ Caleb Denney, primarily to allow us an excuse to highlight hidden gem Ultimate Chicken Horse, from his label. Jeremy divulges some intimate personal secrets about his listening habits, and how it relates to the super-eclectic flavor of the overlooked party game. We reckon with both the high-quality production and variety of UCH, and also the high-quality raccoon action.  We move on to Caleb’s guest-feature for Minecraft, which, although the world knows the game, we may not have spent a lot of time listening to the music. Composer Daniel Rosenfeld aka C418 has one cardinal rule in the laid-back score, and it’s some music to make memories to for sure.

We continue with the new releases, of which there are quite a few, as well as a few important represses and last-chance grabs, as well as some now-shipping vinyl you can get your hands on now.

In our final segment, Jeremy and Caleb ruminate on our interest (and buying habits) for soundtracks from “old games” versus soundtracks for “new games” on vinyl. Our personal collections, clamorings, and actual spending habits go under the microscope, along with the viability of those products for labels like Debug.

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Minecraft Volume Beta (Ghostly)
Virtuaverse (Blood-Music) (sold out)
Wave Break: High Tides (NewRetroWave Bandcamp)
Outer Wilds (iam8bit)
Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed (Materia Collective)
CrossCode (Materia Collective) (Bandcamp)
The Keyblade War (Materia Collective)
Wai Wai World 1+2 (Ship to Shore) (Black Screen Records)
Mega Man X 1-8 (Laced Records) (sold out)
Mega Man X 1-8 (Light in the Attic)
Devil’s Crush & Alien Crush (Enjoy the Ride)
Röki (Black Screen Records)
Beyond Blue (Vinyl Me Please)

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