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In our newest podcast about the intersection of new and old things, we are joined by Alex Brandon, composer of (among other things) the original Deus Ex, to discuss some of his past and present work, including new releases you can buy right now over at his Bandcamp page!

We open this show with a discussion of System Shock, from Limited Run Games. We go (Jeremy goes) into exhaustive detail about the context of the game’s release from a technology, narrative, and musical standpoint, and we explore some of the history of composer Greg LoPiccolo and how some of what was seeded in this game grew to fruition in future video games. We then go back to the future with Deus Ex: Human Revolution to discuss Alex’s history with the franchise, the interrelationship between the musicality of the original games and the newer prequel, and the exquisitely-conceived (but somewhat surface-noisy) vinyl release. We did ask for this.

Finally we talk to Alex about his new project, Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed from Materia Collective, and how the work on the series and this project has been divided with his contributing partner Michiel Van Den Bos, his own history in game music development (sound cards!) as well as the musical theory behind something that “you can’t really hum.”

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello, @funkyrustic

Iron Harvest (Game-Legends)
Tekken 3 (Laced Records, Limited) (Standard)
Tekken 3 (Light in the Attic)
The Dark Pictures: Little Hope (Bandai Namco EU)
Metroid: Resynthesized (One Run Records) (sold out)
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Laced Records)
Deliver Us the Moon (Wired Productions)
The Essential Games Music Collection Vol 1 (Diggers Factory)
Horizon: Zero Dawn repress (Townsend Music)

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