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With a bit of a disc flip // we’re into the time slip! One of the great and influential video games of all time, Chrono Trigger, has had a fairly mixed history with its musical handling in the realm of vinyl records… but we’re here to make a correction to the timeline. With the release of the unofficial Chrono Trigger box set, the original Yasunori Mitsuda score (with the assist from Nobuo Uematsu and Noriko Matsueda) is finally getting its day in the sun, paid with interest. Jeremy and Anthony explore the timescape of Chrono Trigger as a game, with all its improbably wonderful narrative arcs and themes to their fullest. From the travails of postmodern storytelling to the dubious ideas of societal forward progress, we unravel the deep mysteries of the game’s music so deeply that you’ll question everything… including whether we know what the heck we’re even talking about. The physical artifact of the box set is also under the microscope, and we lovingly dig through this homage to both the game and the presentational art of music on vinyl.

See our interview with the creator of the box set here:

Of course, we don’t leave you high and dry without the newest releases and news bits. So while some of the things we discuss today are… shall we say “scarce”… we make sure you get your fix with the game music on vinyl record that you (and we) ❤️.

Outro: “At the End of Time” – Chrono Trigger, by Yasunori Mitsuda

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Untitled Goose Game (iam8bit)
Bugsnax 7″ (iam8bit)
Sparkster (Ship to Shore)
EverQuest (Darkpaw Games)
Borderlands (Laced Records, limited) (standard)
Black Future 88 (Laced Records)
Made of Sker (Perp Games, PS4) (Xbox One)
Ghost of Tsushima (Milan Records)
Othercide (Black Screen Records)
Risk of Rain 2 (Black Screen Records)
Osamu Sato Transformed Collection (HMV)
Eiyuden Chronicles (Kickstarter)

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