Show notes and gallery:

In the eternal dance of sound and culture, one podcast’s card is always full: someone who is a lot less niche-driven than us. But here we are, showing up to hang out in the corner like the weird wallflowers we are, discussing games, game music, vinyl records, game music on vinyl records etc etc.

This episode focuses on a little sound and a little culture! We begin with Anthony’s selection of Vib Ribbon, by Minimum Records. The Vib soundtrack, co-conceived by Masaya Matsuura and a JPop band called Laugh and Peace, represents a level and style of quirk that we just don’t see in many places, and the new pressing does it great justice. We discuss the automotive history of the game, as well as developer NanaOn-Sha’s other works, more well-known and less. We’re careful to listen to this one at the requisite 45 RPM, because otherwise things could get a bit… dank.  We then proceed to Jeremy’s pick of Anno 1800, from Black Screen records and Ubisoft Loud. Jeremy makes the case for the game’s mix of film score and era music, why it was one of his favored releases last year, and how it ties to his weirdly-musically-nerdy childhood. We also explore the secret and unsettling “rule of 9.”

We carry on, as we do, to share with you the newest releases and cool projects to look out for. A number of crowdfunding projects are ending soon, so check the links below!

In our final segment we discuss the legitimacy and distinction of music created at dedicated music-crafting studios such as Dynamedion, Basiscape, and Vibe Avenue, compared to music created by individual composers or co-composers. Is there a difference? Should there be? Come listen and find out!

Outro: “Brushwood” – Anno 1800, by Dynamedion

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@ajohnagnello

Risk of Rain 2 (Black Screen Records)
Sounds of Summer 2020 (Black Screen Records)
Snake Rattle n’ Roll (Fangamer)
Concrete Genie (Fangamer)
Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (Fangamer)
Total War: Three Kingdoms (Laced Records)
Marvel’s Avengers (Mondo)
Songs of Supergiant Games (Supergiant) (Deluxe, sold out)
Teenage Blob (Team Lazerbeam)
Tanglewood (Respawned Records)
Trover Saves the Universe (Mondo)

Space Quest V Reorchestrated (Qrates)
Forever Famicom Diamond Edition (Mega Ran & K-Murdock)
Wii U Grooves (DJ Cutman)