Show notes and gallery:

It is time once again, as the harvest moon waxes, for our thoughts to turn to the round, spinny things that define our place among the stars: our video game soundtracks on vinyl record. Thanks for joining us again for this journey of mystery and vague trepidation! Today our core crew of hosts leads an exploration of what lies beyond our terrestrial and temporal understanding. Paul has brought iam8bit’s Outer Wilds in to us with a discussion of its haunting and looping refrain, and the air of journey and discovery the little indie game has left spinning in our minds, and earned the spot on our record shelves. Anthony counters with an uncanny sense of the unknown on our own planet and in our past (the SNES era, specifically) with an unofficial release of The Illusion of Gaia. This Nintendo-published gem of the early 90s has stayed with a lot of people, but we dig through the remains of developer Quintet’s past to learn whether the game’s thematic and musical weirdness holds up today.

We bid Paul and his gall bladder adieu for our second segment where we try our best to condense recent new releases into a manageable (but quick-paced) PSA about where you might look to get your newest vinyl fix. Depending on your perspective, either it ain’t pretty or it’s glorious.

Finally, for our third segment, we wade into current events in the capitalist arena to discuss business practices and our personal outlooks on bad situations in merchandising and marketing. We weigh business ethics with fiscal facts and look at the community’s reaction to merchants’ behaviors, and try to navigate equitably through the choppy waters of circumstance.

Outro: “Great Pyramid” – Illusion of Gaia, by Yasuhiro Kawasaki

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Comix Zone (Cartridge Thunder) (Black Screen Records)
Angry Video Game Nerd (Ship to Shore)
Halo CE Demastered (Respawned Records)
The Red Strings Club (Laced Records)
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Laced Records, collectors) (standard)
Manawave (Debug Records) (sold out)
Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh (Thunderful Games)
Flipping Death (Thunderful Games)
Fe (Thunderful Games)
Ghost Giant (Thunderful Games)
The Last of Us Part II (Mondo)
Chasm (Limited Run Games)
Horns of Fear (Diggers Factory)
Divine Beats (Breath of the Wild remix) (Qrates)
Space Quest IV Reorchestrated repress (Qrates)

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