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The World Fighting Championship returns to your turntable in the form of the underappreciated little brother of the Street Fighter franchise: Street Fighter III. We’re joined by Ryan Huff of One Run Records for this one, so you know it’s going to be a little offbeat to begin with! In this episode, Anthony takes the helm and steers us through the musically- and canonically-complicated waters of Street Fighter III: The Collection from Laced Records, with stops at New Generation, 2nd Impact, and Third Strike. The evolving music and sound of Hideki Okugawa as the game saw its various iterations from 1997 to 1999 and finally settled on something more evolved and distinctive than the series had dared previously. We discuss the art, the cultural impact, and the mechanical import of this Capcom gem, and help you to appreciate it as only a black-clad beret-wearing teenager traipsing around Germany could!

We take care of some housecleaning with the new releases and other announcements of the past couple of weeks. We muse over the thematically-appropriate question of pan-series box sets, such as Laced has done with Street Fighter 3, and we discuss the relative merit of “less-popular” games getting unsuccessful standalone releases versus folding them into a larger set. Curation!

Outro: “Crowded Street (Yun & Yang Stage)” – Street Fighter III: Third Strike, by Hideki Okugawa
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Dungeon of the Endless (G4F Records)
Warhammer: Vermintide II (Laced Records)
Spinch (iam8bit)
Pac-Man fever 7″ (Cook and Becker, book bundle)
Afterparty (Limited Run Games)
King of Fighters 2000 (Limited Run Games)
Black Materia: The Remake (Gamechops Bandcamp crowdfund)
Klonoa restock (Ship to Shore Media)
Memories of Tokyo-To (glow-in-the-dark repress) (Ship to Shore Media)

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