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This could be the stressiest episode of Video Game Grooves, as we dive into the merciless black-and-white polarized world of Ikaruga, the insanely difficult vertical shooter from Treasure Games, which got a soundtrack release by Data Discs last year. Anthony guides us through the game’s monochromatic landscape and its noble-yet-frenetic soundscape, and we place the game in its context alongside other musical and mechanical offerings from Treasure. Jeremy decides to go a little more toward the dark side of the musical spectrum with Quake, by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. We investigate what the sound of “industrial music” is, and whether Quake’s musical score is what we think it is, and what the value of Quake to gaming at large might be. We also look subconscious musical-emotional manipulation right in the face, and did you just feel your phone buzz in your pocket?

We carry on with the new releases, (which are manageable!) along with some recently-shipped records that might be finding their way onto your shelf right now, as well as a few new announcements that will lighten your wallet in the future.

Finally, we chew on a list of “real musicians” who have contributed their compositional skills to video games alongside the likes of Trent Reznor (perhaps even some of his NIN bandmates!) and whether their video game compositions have graced the vinyl market yet… and perhaps whether they should. But of course, we can’t always be perfectly thorough, so who might we have missed? Listen in and help us out!

Outro: “Reality” – Ikaruga, by Hiroshi Iuchi

Itta (Respawned Records) (sold out)
Borderlands 2 (Laced Records)
RuneScape: Old School Combat Classics (Laced Records)
RuneScape: God Wars (Laced Records)
Esper Dream 1+2 (Ship to Shore)
Double Kick Heroes (G4F Records)
Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (Yetee Records)
YIIK (Yetee Records)
Stubbs the Zombie (Stubbs Hub)
Wave Break: Neon Rides (NewRetroWave Bandcamp)

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