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Welcome to this refreshing AND tasteful episode of Video Game Grooves! This week we throw it back to chrome, shuttered lighting, palm trees, smooth jazz saxophones, and a horrific faceless nightmare-fuel running facehole fizzer who will compel you with the power of cola. This is just how we do it. This week, Paul leads us to the beautiful and bizarre world of Paradise Killer from Black Screen Records. The game is exceptional and captivating, not least of which due to the musical score by Barry Topping. The nostalgia-nouveau fusion jazz soundtrack keeps us enthralled even if we have no idea what’s going on in the game (although we try to explore that too). We then move on to Jeremy’s feature of an unofficial Pepsiman release and we ask “Is Pepsi(man) okay?” We take a slice of the original music by James & Gang (James Shimoji) for the inscrutable sugar-water Japanese ad campaign of the 90s, and we appreciate the amazing saxophone and keyboard work, exploring topics such as improvisation, animal attraction, and corporeal miming.

We flow into a discussion about soloists and performers in video game music, who seem often to go under the radar and we shout out several that we know (and a few we didn’t) and invite you to seek their work on vinyl and off. And we wrap it all up with new releases and announcements that you can pay for right now! And isn’t that just what you want? Of course it is.

Outro: “Idle Lands” – Paradise Killer, by Barry Topping

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Mizucat Illustration, Art, & Design
Kristin Naigus
Reven Music
Julie Elven

Tales of Symphonia (Ship to Shore)
The King of Fighters 2002 (Limited Run Games) (Bigwax)
The King of Fighters 94/95 (Limited Run Games) (Bigwax)
Blaseball (iam8bit)
Simian Symphony (Donkey Kong 64 arrange) (Respawn Records)
Murder by Numbers (Black Screen Records)
Noby Noby Boy (Fangamer)
Watch Dogs Legion (Laced Records)
Donkey Kong Country Recreated (Mental Groove Records) (Forced Exposure, USA)
Street Fighter II cover album (Retroleaf Records)
Post Void 7″ (Diggers Factory)

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