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The procedurally-generated treasure hunt for video game music on vinyl record continues, and we’ve brought in a couple of strong-jawed Indiana Jones style action archaeologists to get it done. This week, Caleb Denney of Channel 3 Records joins us alongside game music guitar savant and audio mixing sorcerer-king Stemage to get it done. We begin our endeavor by uncovering the hidden gem Bat out of HAL, by Kirby’s Dream Band. We praise the band’s knack for letting all the musical elements come out and sparkle, as well as the interesting set of choices for inclusion on the album. We then continue to the quizzical and well-known music of Spelunky, by Phlogiston. This release is unique in a few ways, and so we turn it around in our minds and ears to explore its peculiar beauty, and the interesting way it’s been arranged to take us through the shifting corridors and caves of its musical labyrinths.

We continue by illuminating the releases and products that seek your treasures these days… and there are many, bold vinyl adventurer!

We then head back to the university to ruminate on our findings by discussing the art and science of audio mixing. Grant and Caleb describe what the process actually is and how it relates to the production of a digital or physical version of our favorite tunes, and how that translates into the finished vinyl that sits on your home treasure altar turntable.

Outro: “Goblins 3” – Bat out of HAL, Kirby’s Dream Band

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Facebook – Channel 3 Records

Final Fantasy XIV Vinyl Box (Square Enix NA) (Square Enix EU)
Melodies Of Midgar (KupoCon) (sold out)
Enter The Gungeon (Devolver Digital Store)
Manifold Garden (iam8bit) (Black Screen Records)
Mutazione (iam8bit)
Little Nightmares I & II (Bandai Namco US)(Bandai Namco EU)  music-box-collection
Papetura (Minority Records)
Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (Black Screen Records) (US distro Ship to Shore)
Dandara (Mana Wave Media) (Bigwax)
Maverick Hunters (Mega Ran Bandcamp)

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