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Here at Video Game Grooves we are not above admitting our mistakes, and we do our best to rectify them. This episode we rectify the error of omission as Rozen comes back to the show after a “mea culpa” amount of time way back on Episode 21 when we were just a baby podcast. Well now as a bratty teenage podcast we slouch and kick a rock, and finally get him back on for you. To make up for lost time we are covering not one but two of his awesome vinyl releases. First up, Anthony returns us to that old Nier well with Nier: Glory to Mankind. Of course we talk about the music of Keiichi Okabe but also the dovetail with the “gravitas” of the Rozen+Reven adaptation, as well as the vocals on every single track, and what it takes to deliver on what Nier musically promises. Jeremy ends up humblebragging about the re-release variant he snagged. We continue with the more recent release of The Keyblade War, Rozen and vocalist Reven’s adaptation of the inscrutably-storied Kingdom Hearts franchise, and whether it was easier or harder to match up with the iconic music of Yoko Shimomura. Everything has meaning in this release, and we get just a taste of that in our listening party today.

We continue with the new releases and make a few harsh judgments over here and a few drooling hype statements over there… but ultimately we let you decide where to spend your money (links below as always) and we finally discuss the weird time-delayed climate of video game music on vinyl record, including some production insights from Rozen who also does some design work at Materia Collective, and he even pulls out the crystal ball for one or two predictions about what fans can expect in the future from the “hurry up and wait” situation we’ve been experiencing over the past year. Trust the power of feelings and friendship and enjoy this one!

Outro: “Dearly Beloved” – The Keyblade War, by Rozen

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NieR Replicant 10+1 Years (Square Enix US) (Square Enix EU)
Sea Of Thieves (iam8bit)
PixelJunk Eden 2 (Limited Run Games)
Double Dragon IV (Limited Run Games)
Final Fantasy IV Song Of Heroes (Square Enix US) (Square Enix EU)
Solasta: Crown Of The Magister (G4F Records)
Stonefly (Diggers Factory)
VGM Jams Mixtape Vol. 1 (Qrates)
Skyrim Box Set (Spacelab 9)

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