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No, you haven’t fallen into an interdimensional facsimile of your favorite video-game-music-on-vinyl podcast, this is just the side story. In our first “gaiden” episode, we are joined by Ryan Huff from One Run Records to investigate the video games “adjacent” world of vinyl, and do we have a weird lineup for our inaugural outing. Anthony bring us the soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell: Arise, by Japanese alternative musician Cornelius. We flow with (yet remain pleasantly unsettled by) the surprisingly chill vibe of Arise, and ponder the lyrical technique and philosophical questions posed by the unique tracks. Jeremy then takes us into the mind of Shooter Jennings and Richard Garriott with Countach (for Giorgio), a tribute album dedicated to the prolific (and still kicking) music producer Giorgio Moroder… adjacent to video games by association with Lord British and with a launch party that took place inside Shroud of the Avatar, we take the opportunity to appreciate both the music of Moroder and Jennings doing whatever he darn well pleases. Finally, Ryan takes us on a guided tour of one of the most enigmatic releases we’ve ever heard of with Welcome to Bright Falls, the soundtrack to the prequel webisodes to the well-loved (but not THAT well-loved) Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment. In a great example of life imitating art, this inexplicable album seems to have come from nobody nowhere who is willing to shed any light on it… but it’s also filled with a variety of little original gems.

Even though we head down some bunny-trails in this episode, we still make sure to keep up on the new releases and a couple of non-release tidbits (such as Rockstar Games starting their own music label with vinyl releases) and just have a generally good time. Hang out with us and get weird!

Outro: “From Here to Eternity” – Shooter Jennings

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VA-11 HALL-A Complete (Black Screen Records)
Mega Man Legends (Ship To Shore Media)
Very ok Vinyl:
Streets Of Rogue (Ship to Shore Media)
West Of Loathing (Ship To Shore Media)
Tell Me Why (iam8bit)
Mega Remix Man .EXE (Materia Collective)
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (Mondo)
Snake’s Revenge (Mondo) (sold out)
Mighty Fight Federation (Yetee Records)
Scarlet Nexus (Bandai Namco)
Tales Of Arise (Bandai Namco Entertainment) (EU only)
Encodya (Yann Latour)
Metronome The City Performs The Music Of 720º  (Full Tilt Records Bandcamp) (sold out)
Xenon (Finders Keepers Records Bandcamp)

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